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Seven Spectrum LED Therapy
LED + Microdermabrasion Offer

Harness the Power of LED Therapy to Enhance Your Skin's Bloom

Cutting-edge LED therapy technology is now available in our salon, bringing our valued customers the unique benefits of LED light. Combining light waves across the spectrum, Seven Spectrum LED therapy gently yet powerfully renews and heals your skin on every level.

As your skin blossoms into a new glow and youthfulness, others will notice how young you're looking - but the look will be entirely yours!

Seven Spectrum LED therapy is being hailed as nature's answer for youthful, beautifully soft skin and a range of skin issues:

  • plumps up the skin instantly
  • alleviates pigmentation and photo-ageing
  • is a powerful treatment for rosacea
  • reduces dark under-eye circles
  • combats oily skin, blemishes and acne
  • calms irritated skin
  • reduces inflammation and redness
  • combats lines and wrinkles.

Truly a next-generation treatment, LED has been created to respond to the individual requirements of your skin. It is:

  • non-invasive and completely pain-free
  • suitable for sensitive skin
  • free of the side effects of dermal fillers and Botox.

What is seven-spectrum light?

LED is a gentle, non-thermal light that does not burn the skin.

The cosmetic benefits of LED light treatment were revealed 30 years ago, when NASA scientists discovered by accident that it increased collagen production and had anti-inflammatory properties.

Seven Spectrum light is scientifically formulated to apply light from across the visible spectrum at frequencies proven to benefit the skin. The pulsed light penetrates the cells, which convert it into fuel, producing the building blocks of collagen.

Treatment is completely painless and our clients tell us it is a relaxing experience. With eye protection, simply lie back and relax as our fully trained therapists guide the technology to let the light subtly work its results on your skin.

Because there is no down time, a 40 minute Seven Spectrum light treatment is the perfect preparation for your next important social event. For best results, a block of 6 to 12 treatments is recommended. Treatments can be as little as a week apart.

Book Now and Save $20

Let your skin bathe in the magic of Seven Spectrum LED therapy with our introductory offer of $20 off your first treatment, or buy three treatments and receive one free.

To find out more, call us on 9481 2600 or book LED treatment online.